DIY Prettified Composition Books

Well it’s that time again;  time to stock up on school supplies. I found some very good composition books at Target that are ideal for beginning writers, except that they suffer from ugly cover syndrome.   Now I’m well aware that there are some gorgeous paper products available out there but since I’m on a limited budget we went for some DIY Prettification.

Affordable yet aesthetically uninspiring. What to do?

 Here’s what we did, following the example I saw here: Pretty Composition Notebooks.


  • Various scrapbook paper and cardstock
  • Yes! Paste: a friend told me it’s magic and I’m inclined to agree.
  • Paint brush
  • Cup of water
  • Bone scorers/folders
  • Rulers
  • Paper guillotine (very handy for people like me who cannot cut in a straight line!)
  • Scissors
  • Colored masking tape
  • Assorted pens

Bone scorer and folder, assorted masking tape colors, Yes! Paste

The first thing I do before starting any kind of artsy craftsy project with children is make sure I have everything ready to go.  I don’t want to burn up the available attention span on prepping things.  So I dug out an assortment of scrapbook paper and card stock I have on hand, and had Nibsy pick some designs she liked.  So far, so good.

Next we measured the notebooks to determine the dimensions for the covers and cut the paper with the guillotine.  We used a paintbrush to apply the Yes! Paste, thinning it with a little bit of water.  The bone scorers are great for smoothing the paper out.  Nibsy didn’t like the black tape on the spines of the books so she suggesting using the colored masking tape to cover it.  Great idea!

They also make excellent accessories

Looking better already with the application of some scrapbook paper and red tape

Next Nibsy designated particular notebooks for particular uses and we cut paper labels for them.  She used a pair of Ikea safety scissors to create zig-zagged edges on the labels.

Using the scorer to smooth down the label.  Almost done!

And then we were done! A thing of beauty is a joy forever………right?



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2 responses to “DIY Prettified Composition Books

  1. Melissa

    Beautiful! They will be a lot more fun to use than the ugly ones!

  2. Thanks Melissa. She’s really proud of her handiwork!

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