Mason Jar Butter

I got this idea from a post I saw at Craft Knife.  We’ve tried it twice now.  This is so easy I cannot believe I haven’t been making my own butter for years…..except that when you come right down to it, buying pre-made butter is probably far less expensive ounce-for-ounce than heavy cream .  But that’s not nearly as much fun, is it?

I am borrowing the instructions from that post since trying to come up with something different seems like reinventing the wheel:

Necessary materials

  • Clean Mason jar with tight-fitting lid
  • Heavy whipping cream

1. Fill the Mason jar about 3/4-ish full of cream.
2. Shake the crap out of it until it turns to butter with a little buttermilk on the side:

Making butter in a mason jar is supposed to take approximately 10-15 minutes of vigorous and consistent shaking. You can stop during the process, unscrew the lid and check on the progress of the process-and you’ll still get butter, or if patience wears thin: whipped cream. We spent longer than 10 or 15 minutes since we took frequent breaks to check on sample the cream as it moved along.

 Clara was only interested in the first step, and only after I’d let her have some cream for her sliced peach.

We’re going to follow up on this activity with an  oil vs. water science experiment and continue with the oil-wants-to-separate theme. Nibsy was amazed how quickly the cream transitioned into butter once it had reached the whipped cream stage-and that it actually turned yellow.

The homemade butter found a happy home on and in a number of food items in our kitchen.


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