Upcycled Train Cases: Part One

I first saw this idea on Etsy.  Then I took to scouting around Goodwill and on eBay for a deal on a train case, or as my elegant friend Sabrina calls them: a nécessaire.  I still wish someone had made me one of these, but I am content to live vicariously and take tremendous pleasure in making them for little girls (and not so little girls) that I love.

Upcycle seems to be so newly coined that it doesn’t appear in our dictionary, so I went looking online for a definition.  According to The Word Spy, it is defined as:

n. A process that takes used or recycled materials and creates a new product with a higher quality or value than the original materials.

Our first train case, acquired via eBay and upcycled in honor of my niece’s 10th birthday.

Interior before upcycling.

Nibsy helping out with painting: powder blue with silver metallic trim.

Painted and ready to decoupage.

Scattered stars on the exterior.

Shel Silverstein quote? Check. 

Quote from Goethe? Check.

The finished project.

and then………………Colbie’s Train Case

Interior of Colbie’s case before.  Photo by Nibsy.

Interior detail-after

Portrait of Colbie, and lettering by Nibsy

Exterior from the back

Top with hand-cut letters

The view from the top:

With Clara’s birthday fast approaching, we’ll be working on at least one more traincase.  We’ll post our next upcycled projects soon.



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5 responses to “Upcycled Train Cases: Part One

  1. Looks fantastic. Can’t wait for the next one. What materials did you use to decoupage?

  2. We started decoupaging with Mod Podge, which isn’t prohibitively expensive but certainly costs more than just mixing white Elmer’s glue with water (50/50). It works just as well!

  3. Emma, these look wonderful. Can’t wait to see Clara’s. Is the interior of the first one fabric and trim glued too?

  4. Thanks Jenny. 🙂 The interior of the first one is decoupaged scrapbook paper, and it is trimmed with silver braid that we glued with a hot glue gun.

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