It’s Already Autumn?

Why yes.  Yes it is.  Miss Clarita’s birthday fell on the Autumnal Equinox this year.  We took her to do her absolute favorite thing: ride the gorgeous carousel at the Santa Monica Pier.   I am kicking off this post with a photo snapped on Main Street on our way to the carousel.  An ethnographic moment of California culture to be sure:

(The sign reads “You’re Absolutely Perfect”)

And they’re off:

Clara got to ride for free in honor of her birthday.

We resolved to take her on as many go-rounds as she could stand without turning green.

Birthday Ice Cream with sprinkles at Soda Jerk’s.

We actually started out at the Griffith Park Pony Rides, making our way over to Santa Monica:

Nibsy got a fast one!

All the pretty horses……..

The old Muni! We tried to take the train at Travel Town but they had taken a lunch break. so off to the OTHER train at Griffith Park………

The train was so packed we had to sit separately.  Here’s a photo Nibsy took. Someone got photo bombed here, but I’m not sure who it was.

Not a bad day out.  Now if only I could adjust to my baby being three………



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8 responses to “It’s Already Autumn?

  1. Nanny

    Thanks for letting me share in the festivities. The girls look like they had a wonderful time. Love you, Mama

  2. Andrea Little

    Looks like a fun birthday was had by all!

  3. Great pictures! Looks like a wonderful day.

  4. Oh, how precious. All the kids have had a trip to the ponies and zoo just with dad on their 3rd birthday. He brings back some great camera footage. Nathan is overdue for his trip to Griffith Park .

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