In the garden

While we were up in Sonoma County a couple of weeks ago, we were fortunate enough to spend half the weekend with half of a couple we love dearly.  I met them while I was a student at Santa Rosa Junior College, and have maintained a friendship with them both for quite a long time.  For the very same reasons that they engaged me as a student, I am always very happy to bring my children to soak up some of the atmosphere of music, art, learning, and culture that permeates their beautiful home.

Wandering around looking for good things to eat

No photos, please!

Nibsy spots the blackberry vines cascading over the back fence..

A little tart perhaps but still very good.

Cherry tomatoes

Morris the Cat

Checking for fish, no doubt.

Water garden

Lady FitzGrump amongst the squash

With such a gorgeous and abundantly productive garden to harvest from, the girls were delighted to help pick vegetables, herbs, and fruit for dinner.

Fresh picked lemon

Swiss Chard

Sackful of greens


Basil picker

So what did we make? Will made some incredibly tasty Ratatouille.  I don’t know specifics for that recipe but it was delicious.  Here are a couple of good recipes for Ratatouille: one from Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” and one created by Thomas Keller of The French Laundry for Remy the Rat (who you might remember from a film called, Ratatouille).  That recipe is Confit Biyaldi.  We used the Julia Child recipe at home but think that Remy the Rat’s recipe looks very tasty as well.


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