Saltwater Fish

A very big congratulations to 15 year-old Carly for winning the California Surf Museum’s “Big Shorts from Little Groms” at the California Surf Festival, here is a link to the winning short:

Saltwater Fish

Carly is the eldest daughter of my friend and fellow homeschooler, Kari, who blogs at Mt. Moe Academy.  Mt. Moe is an acronym for “make the most of every day”.  And isn’t that an excellent rule to live by? Kari and I have known each other since we were babies, not surprising since our fathers were best friends back in high school and are still friends to this day. It was Kari who first inspired me to consider homeschooling in the first place.  And she continues to inspire me with the material that she and her kids post on Mt. Moe.


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  1. Kari

    Ahh…thanks for this sweet post Emma! I am grateful to be able to taking this incredible homeschooling journey with my kids. It has been truly amazing to see what they do when given the time and the freedom to pursue their passions. Looks like you guys are “making the most of everyday” too!

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