Calaveras de Azúcar

We decorated sugar skulls today with our friends.  Dia de los Muertos is approaching quickly so we’ve been digging out the photos, and the candles, and yes, making some sugar skulls.

Look at ALL of those sugar skulls Andrea made! That’s about eight pounds of sugar right there. Yes, eight.

She also whipped up quite a lot of icing and then we all got to work. Well, maybe some of us ate some icing before getting to work.

And everyone had to get used to using the icing application apparatuses.

But we got the hang of it,

and proceeded to go to town.

As you do.

Although some just continued eating icing, but for the purposes of this post, said persons shall remain nameless.


We had quite a variety of styles and motifs utilized.

And we’ll all have some very nice calveras de azúcar to put up on our ofrendas for Dia de los Muertos this year.



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4 responses to “Calaveras de Azúcar

  1. Melissa Estrada


  2. Very neat! Isabel has made it clear, “we have to do this next year..since you’re (I’m) not prepared” : D

  3. Andrea Little

    I have 2 sugar skull molds and directions, if anyone wants to try their hand at these! The molds take 12 hours to dry before decorating.

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