Halloween Costumes 2011

For some reason or other Halloween always involves a warm-up at our house.  I’m okay with that because Halloween is actually my favorite holiday.  So we got our warm up going on the 24th of October when a parcel arrived in the mail from the girl’s grandparents way over in Ireland.  One must try these things on.

Witchy Poo #1

Witchy Poo #2

The reluctant feline…..

makes a POUNCE!

Our littlest witch…cat? She hasn’t decided yet what she’ll be so that remains to be determined right before we commence trick-or-treating.  The other one, however, is going to be the moon, personified.  As in Artemis, the Greek goddess.  Great stuff! I just love mythology. However, barring the old make-a-toga-from-a-bedsheet approach we had no appropriate apparel to suit the costume choice. And I cannot sew to save my life. What to do?

How to Create a Greek Goddess Costume When One Cannot Sew

Step 1: Enlist the sewing skills of one’s ace seamstress mother.  

Step 2: Visit the local fabric store utilizing one’s near complete ignorance of fabrics, patterns, etc, to select the needed materials. 

Step 3. Hand off fabrics and pattern to one’s ace seamstress mother.

Step 4. Keep eager goddess occupied with prop creation crafts. 

I saw these amazing Valentine’s arrows earlier this year on Design Sponge, but didn’t get around to making them in time for that particular holiday. Instead, I revisited the post for some inspiration in making arrows for Nibsy’s Artemis costume.

Dowels-soon to be converted into shooting star arrows suitable for use by a goddess.

Pringles can + metallic silver spray paint = quiver

Getting there….

Closer….but we’ll need some sparkling stars for the arrow points……..as well as a moon to top her tiara….

and some help…

We’ll obviously need some glitter…

We’ll have to fletch the arrows with feathers……..cue hot glue gun…

and attach the shooting star points…….

ALMOST done….

Of course, you cannot shoot arrows of any kind without a bow.

Step 5. 

Put it all on and have a Happy Halloween!

Our own celestial beauty, Artemis, the goddess of the moon and the hunt.

Goddess of Wilderness and Wild Animals………..and Children (who are also quite wild).

And the Goddess of Maiden Dance and Song……sounds about right!


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