An Ode to Bumper and Scamper: or how to get merry like Christmas

Nibsy (age 4):”What are the other reindeers called?”

Nibsy’s Dad: “I don’t know? Bumper and Scamper?”

“Bells on cell phones ring, making spirits bright…” -Clara

December snuck up on me this year.  And to be honest, I wasn’t particularly thrilled with the realization that Christmas is booming its way down the track at me. Not particularly thrilled. Nope.

Really? Already? Seriously?

However, even the Grinchiest among us are apparently incapable of derailing the Christmas-inspired joy that comes from children.  It’s inescapable and it’s infectious.

like Kryptonite for your inner Grinch

So what’s the prescription for progressing from Scrooge-like mutterings under the breath to getting merry like Christmas? What’s that you say? Whiskey? No, no, not that! Though it does help sometimes.

How about this instead? Do something Christmas-related every day: bake cookies, learn a song, make something to decorate your house, do something for someone less fortunate than yourself.  It does the trick every time.

When we became parents we realized we’d need to actually put a tree.  With a shortage of both ornaments and expendable income, I kept Nibsy busy making paper chains and collecting pine cones to spray paint and coat with glitter.  Voila! Decorated tree and entertained child.

DIY ORNAMENTS: Keep it simple and inexpensive!

Or make a pretty wreath…..

Felt Ball Wreath

This one we made from a straw wreath and felt balls. I saw the wreath on this blog and found the felt balls at this eBay shop.   The girls had a great time sorting out colors and helping assemble the wreath.  Oh, and hanging up the finished project.

I’ve also seen felt ball garlands on Oh Happy Day, and I’d love to make one some time in the future.

Or make some canning jar snow globes.  They are easy to make and kids love them.

Canning Jar Snowglobes

I cannot remember where I first saw these posted online, possibly Martha Stewart? However, there are no shortage of posts about them.

All you need is: 

A canning jar with a tight fitting lid


Rubbing alcohol (just a few drops to keep the water from getting funky)

Glycerine (to make the snow float slowly)


A glass or ceramic ornament

Epoxy to glue the ornament to the lid and to seal the lid

NOTE: As you can probably tell, we’ve done this project twice now.  It’s fun to hunt for ornaments and old canning jars at thrift stores, antique stores, or garage sales.  Upscale stores like Anthropologie and the Sundance Catalog sell these for up to $45 each.  Wowza.

Get out of the house and do something festive!

Still feeling Scroogish? I’ve found it handy to do a little compare and contrast with the man himself and see how I fare.  Be prepared to be verbally abused though: this year he told me that I made him constipated and that I should wipe the smile right off my face.  For the record: he doesn’t like Christmas and he doesn’t like YOU!

While in the neighborhood we walked around the Christmas Showcase taking in the atmosphere.

Paying a visit to the "activity" scene

With Frosty the Snowman, outside Norma Moye's house.

Might as well soak up the magic.

The girls are counting down the days.  It’ll be here before we know it.



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2 responses to “An Ode to Bumper and Scamper: or how to get merry like Christmas

  1. I have been wanting to make snow globes with my kids, but I’m not feeling that crafty right now. Maybe when they are a little older. lol Looks like fun times! I know what you mean about kids being in the spirit for X-mas whether we are or not!

  2. I haven’t been feeling very Christmasy this year. Thank you for the ideas on how to get in the Christmas spirit!!

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