UnScrooge Yourself: Further Suggestions on How to Find Your Holiday Spirit (just in case it didn’t show up yet)

Okay, still not feeling the Christmasness?  Don’t fret; there are other tactics to get into the holiday spirit.

Go on a Mistletoe Hunt!

We took advantage of being in my hometown over the weekend and went on a mistletoe hunt.  After all, a place that has lots of oak trees also has lots of mistletoe.

So just how does one go about removing a ball of mistletoe from a tree? Well, I know of three methods:

Method 1: Use a blunt object to knock the mistletoe clean out of the branches.  I’ve used fallen branches and brooms with reasonable success.  This method only works on clumps of mistletoe that are reachable from the ground. And I have noticed that for some reason, mistletoe likes to grow way up in the branches. 

Method 2: Shoot the said mistletoe out of the tree with a shotgun.  

Method 3: Climb up into the tree and pull the mistletoe out by hand.  This method is only good if you aren’t terrified of heights.  Therefore, it doesn’t really work for me personally. 

All of these methods are effective. However,  blasting the mistletoe down with a firearm can damage both the mistletoe and the tree so bear that in mind before you lock and load.  Regardless, mistletoe is super easy to pick.  So easy in fact, that it never occurred to me to attempt removing mistletoe myself until I saw someone selling anemic, frazzled little sprigs for $5 per sandwich bag. $5! Now this happened at the height of the dotcom era, in San Francisco’s Union Square, but even so, I was flabbergasted.

Why didn’t I think of that?

Even if I had thought of it, I don’t think I’d have the nerve.

Now, Nibsy was initially concerned when she saw me pick up a broom and start swinging at a ball of mistletoe.  Won’t that hurt the tree? Actually, no.  Mistletoe is a semi-parasitic organism, so actually, I am doing the tree a favor.

She considered this for a few minutes and then asked if she could climb up on my shoulders and grab some down from the branches herself.  Sure thing.

10 minutes later, we had a grocery sack filled with festive, locally-harvested mistletoe.

Bring it home and hang it up.  Take advantage of hanging mistletoe to smooch people passing underneath.

If you have enough to spare, share some mistletoe with your friends.

Decorate with Paper Snowflakes

Plain white paper, a pair of scissors, and a little bit of patience.  That’s all that is required.

This is a great tutorial to get started. 

Make an Iron-On Transfer Advent Calendar

I saw this idea on Oh Happy Day.  The link includes instructions and a super cute printable that is already reversed for iron-on use.

We stuck ours to the front door.  The little bags can be filled with treats, notes, or chocolate whatever else strikes your fancy.

Make your own wrapping paper!

Keep your helpers occupied decorating homemade wrapping paper.  I purchased a roll of natural craft paper from Dick Blick 3 years ago. We’ve used it for all sorts of projects, including homemade gift wrap for all occasions.



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5 responses to “UnScrooge Yourself: Further Suggestions on How to Find Your Holiday Spirit (just in case it didn’t show up yet)

  1. Love this post!! And it’s funny that we had the same idea about getting back the Christmas spirit but wrote about it in two totally different ways. Great post!!

  2. Thanks, Emma, I needed that. I need a some unscrooging so I’m off the SF to shop with my sister and niece! But, a craft party is sounding good too. Wish you were closer by.

    Merry Christmas.

  3. I’m glad Brigid! Wish we were closer too, I’d have given you a bag of mistletoe! Have fun in SF. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  4. Great ideas! We did go on a mistletoe hunt but didn’t find any this year 😦 Glad you got a bunch!

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