If You Build it, They Will Come

I haven’t posted as much recently.  Mostly because I have been busy administrating a brand spanking new home school group in my community.  A brand spanking new home school group that I helped start, because I have so much free time I had dreams of just walking into to someone else’s already established group and finding just what I was looking for, for myself and my children but unfortunately, that is not what happened-at least not right in my own back yard.

As usual, the reality was a bit more work than that, but well worth the effort thus far.  I have been flashing back on Field of Dreams and half-whispering, half-chuckling to myself, “If You Build it, They Will Come.”  And hopefully, that is what will happen.  Rather than the plot twist of that OTHER Kevin Costner film in which he finds himself standing with his bare behind to the breeze in the middle of an open prairie.  But I digress……

It is St. Brigid’s Day today-an Irish saint and a patron to a wide variety of causes, trades, and challenges.  In Ireland this is a feast day and marks a shift toward brighter horizons in sight.  Which is precisely how I am feeling today. And as they say in Ireland, “God loves a trier.”  So here we go.

We will be off to visit family in Ireland very soon.  Before we know it really.  And so we have been keeping very busy with schooling, and classes, and field trips, and, oh my! And drawing.  Did I mention drawing?

Nibsy designed some tea towels with her father’s help.  This is all part of a general obsession with violins, spurred on by our own household obsession with music, and helped along by several fiddle playing friends.

So I found out about a local artist’s workshop, and voila Nibsy is learning.

A command performance for Her Most Royal Highness, the Duchess of Smirkenshrop.

We had a round of dental adventures, complete with a standard exam and cleaning for both girls.

And then Nibsy lost a tooth, and Clara made off with it.  Somewhere. So we wrote the tooth fairy and asked for her help.  Here was her response:

While Clara hones her dancing skills,

Nibsy is trying out ice skating.

Future’s so bright……….



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4 responses to “If You Build it, They Will Come

  1. Love to read about your delightful and educational adventures!

  2. Your girls are so beautiful! I understand about that homeschooling group thing……….it’s been harder than I thought to find a group that meets my needs. Slowly we are meeting people, and I think right now, my son enjoys one-on-one better than a group. But someday I hope it morphs into a group.

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