Archery by Niamh


I went to archery on Saturday with my mommy, daddy, and my sister, Clara.

I had a lot of fun.

The staff there are really nice.


I was really excited to try it and I was glad it was easy.When they blow the  first whistle you go to a white line and get ready to shoot the target.

When you’re  ready, you let go of the string and the arrow goes flying. When everyone runs out of  arrows, they blow the whistle three times and everyone retrieves their arrows.


They tested me to see if I am right or left eye dominant. I started shooting first with my right hand because I am right-handed, butwhen they tested me, they found out that I am left-eye dominant. So they gave me a left-handed bow then. Shooting left-handed was better.


photo-3 copy

I am excited to go again and my daddy wants to try next time too.

By Niamh

photo-4 copy 2


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