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Once more, this time with enthusiasm…

We’ve been featured in one way or another on two different blogs recently.

First, Nibsy sent two of her Bear Flag tea towels to the Bear Flag Museum. She based her design on the original Todd Flag, which was designed by William Todd (a nephew of Mary Todd Lincoln) and raised at the Bear Flag Revolt in Sonoma, California in June of 1846. Nibsy’s father kindly screen-printed some tea towels as well as a few t-shirts featuring her design. The tea towels were a featured entry on the Bear Flag Museum blog.


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I have been subscribing to Brave Writer for three years now and we really enjoy it. I sent in a photo of the girls having a Tuesday Teatime, with appropriate baked goods, tea, tablecloth and cloth napkins-and of course, some poetry. We were pleased to be selected for a blog entry by the folks at Brave Writer.



Since we’ve managed to make an appearance in the blogosphere, maybe it’s time to get back to blogging.

Nibsy has relayed a desire to do some guest posting here at Southpaw Grammarian, so watch for future posts.





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